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Push Camera Inspection Centering Devices and Accessories

The Pro Kit

For 4 - 18 Inch Pipelines

Mini Roller Skid

For 4 - 6 Inch Pipelines

The TrapMaster

For Sharp Corners and P-Traps

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Available on URS, URS Mini, TrapMaster, and PoleCat Products.
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Watch A Video Demonstration of the Universal Roller Skid:


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CPI Manufacturing

About Cavallero Plastics

For over 50 years, our clients have relied on us to produce the parts they need to excel in today’s competitive environment. Since 1964, our family owned business has maintained the same core principles focused on delivering personalized customer service, satisfaction, and quality in the field of custom injection molding and mold manufacturing. Specializing in engineering thermoplastics, we are consistently advancing the development of our products and services in order to be in the forefront of breaching technological advances. We are a full-service-product-partner.


CPI Products

About CPI Products

CPI Products is the sole manufacturer of the Universal Roller Skid product line. We design, create, and manufacture push camera accessory products that improve pipeline inspection. Our product line specializes in protecting, centering, and improving the functionality of how push cameras are able to maneuver and inspect pipelines of all sizes. All of our inspection products are universal and fit most push cameras. Each product is designed for in-pipe manuvability, and allow your push camera to function in ways previously not attainable. 


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